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    So I've always wanted to wear, but I've never actually worn. I'm a 38 waist, and wanted more of a goodnites / underjams / girly style. Is there anything that'd fit? If not, what would you recommend?

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    hi hm well im 31 in waist and drynights are a snug fit on me but you can try and get some adult nappies and get some cute nappy prints off the net and put them on your self. you can have a well fitting nappy but at the same time they can be really cute. or have a look on the net for ab/dl nappies/diapers. well hope a little bit but i'm shore there will be lots of people on here that can help you find what your looking for good luck. little leo
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    There are many brands out there of adult pull ups. It sound like you would rather wear training pants and not diapers. As Leo said if you are looking the the baby look there tapes you can buy on e-bay.

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    Well, I have a 38" waist also, and, if I pre-stretch the sides a bit first, I can pull on the L/XL UnderJams. Not so with GoodNites, unfortunately, as the elastic just isn't as stretchy (though it is more durable).

    The trouble with these non-adult pull-ups is that they're -- what's the opposite of roomy? Don't expect to get much mileage out of them. On me, they all suffer from serious gapping issues, much moreso even than baby diapers.

    If you'd be willing to try cloth, you might check out the training pants at They've got cute prints, and a couple of thicknesses to choose from. If you want to use them as diapers, however, you would need plastic pants or some other kind of waterproof cover.

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    Thanks y'all. It was more training pants I was going for. However, I think I'm going to pick up some sample packs from XPMedical.

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