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Thread: Rolaplaying in a different language

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    Default Rolaplaying in a different language

    I was just wondering, have someone here met a caretaker that speaks another language? I think it would be awesome to actually dont understand what your caretaker is saying to you, it would give like an adittion to the roleplaying.
    Personaly i would love to have a caretaker who talks to me in a different language, It would be really interesting for me :P Has someone have this experience

    Ps: sorry for my english

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    Niet can't help

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    I'm guessing since you're apologizing for your English that English is not your first language. If not, then why not try talking to your caretaker in a language they don't understand. That might be just as rewarding.

    P.S. I've seen worse English

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    I think this would be an outstanding way to get into little space if you had a SO/Mommy/Daddy who would teach you like you were a toddler.

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    That would be a very cool idea. I speak several languages, but I've never thought of speaking anything other than English to my charge. Though too much German might sound like I'm shouting at the poor baby. :P Food for thought

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    Hmmm, really interesting thought.
    You know, this might actually prove to be a good way to learn a new language, without killing oneself studying vocabularies.
    Okay, maybe itīll take a little longer, but considering the circumstances thatīs not necessarily a bad thing, right? :p

    Quote Originally Posted by Mijumaru View Post
    ... too much German might sound like I'm shouting at the poor baby...

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    Well ive always wanted to be taken care of in spanish lol, i mean i speak both english and spanish but the idea of someone saying "its time for a diaper change" in spanish intrigues me lol

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    interesting idea , its interesting to think someone talking to me like in german or something like that ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijumaru View Post
    Though too much German might sound like I'm shouting at the poor baby. :P Food for thought
    Hahahahaha poor baby :P
    Im not looking for a caretaker right now, lots of things to study right now, and not time at all. I was just wondering about this, I think it would give a little more reallity to the roleplaying :P you would be able to understan if your caretaker is mad, happy, sad, etc. And I guess with the time you would understand some things she/he says :P
    We should create a language center like this hahahahaha

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