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Thread: Diapers vs. Pads

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    Default Diapers vs. Pads

    I know it has been discussed in other ways before, but here is the way I want to ask the question.

    I just saw a commercial for a brand of maxi pad that had the girls on it saying how they didn't want to feel like they were wearing a diaper. Now I doubt any of the girls (or probably the writers) know what it even feels like to wear a diaper.

    My question is: Girls, does wearing a thick pad actually feel like wearing a diaper?

    I've been jealous of girls getting to wear pads (notice I didn't say I was jealous of going through menstruation) as long as I can remember knowing that they got to wear them. I thought it was kind of like getting to wear something that made you feel like you had a diaper on. Maybe the commercials had me thinking the wrong thing or maybe they didn't.

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    Although I've never had the chance to wear actually diapers yet, I can definitely tell you that wearing a pad does NOT make me think I'm wearing a diaper. I think the problem is that I KNOW what the pad is for, and it's not for peeing. (Even though I will use them for this purpose.) I simply can't relate it to a babyish experience. Going to bed in a pad just feels like I'm on my period. Going to bed wrapped in my makeshift (a towel) is a TOTALLY different feeling.

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    I have worn both diapers and pads and they are not the same thing at all. The makers of those commercials dont have any idea what they are talking about. Pads just make me think of menstruation which only makes me feel adultish and/or gross. Diapers are a totally different dont need to be jealous that girls get to wear pads. Diapers are a much better thing.

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    To me there's no comparison between pads and diapers. I wore female IC pads for years while working to catch my dribbles in case I couldn't get to the potty in time.
    I wore some form of a diaper though for overnight protection. I still use IC pads on occasion when I have Drs apointments. I prefer the Poise Hourglass pads in the
    Ultimate size for fit and they will hold a wetting without leaking.

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    I have worn pads and they never felt like I was wearing a diaper. They make them so thin now you can't even feel them. I mean how can it make you feel like you are wearing a diaper if it's in your crotch only? By the time I started to wear them, they were already made thin and were no longer thick.

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