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Thread: Hi i'm new here ^_^

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    Default Hi i'm new here ^_^

    Hi everyone! I finally decided to sign up for this site. So i'm a 15 year old guy, i'm bi on the edge of completely gay. I'm only DL and right now I don't wear diapers cuz I have no way of getting them without my parents knowing. Only person who knows in RL is my best friend and I pretty much trust her with my life. I've never chatted with another DL or AB so I thought it would be fun to come here.

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    Nice to meet you! ADISC is a great place to start off. There is a lot of information and such around here. Hope you have fun!

    -The Sun-

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    Don't mind Valerye.. he's just a goof :P

    Welcome to Adisc, hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Just curious and so we can get to know you a bit more...

    What kind of interests and/or hobbies do you have?

    Also what did your best friend say when you told her, and/or how did she react?

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    'gasp' someone else posted in my intro! So besides diapers, im into video games, other guys, the internet, anything romantic, and rap/hip hop.
    And my friend had no idea what a *B/DL is, so i explained. She was really surprised but understanding and sensitive to the whole thing. She thinks its kinda interesting and it has come up a few times in our conversations. You can tell a bit about yourself too if you want.

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    Very nice. This is definitely the right place to get to know other *B/DL's and what they experience. I hope you'll feel welcomed and overall comfortable with our community.



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    diapersocal, you are a really awesome user. You are everywhere on this site and you have been helpful to me.

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    Hi DiaperLover22893,

    you are very welcome here!

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