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Thread: First time buyer, Need advice on choosing whats right for me.

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    Question First time buyer, Need advice on choosing whats right for me.

    hey guys. i have been into nappies since i was 8 years old but had a long gap inbetween wearing them and now the urge has got to me. i loved wearing them.

    So im looking for a specific look of diaper... not to big nor to small, same with thickness. Nice and tidy.


    Not too hard to conceal but not super discreete. This is what pampers looked like when i was a child 12 years ago.

    Not too expensive. I was going to try cuddlz but my plan got foiled before i could buy them. I was having second thaughts on the cuddlz as the croch didnt seem right and the side straps were too wide.


    Any input?
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    the first picture link isn't working.

    in the second [faked] picture, the one on the right (from the viewer's perspective) is an old Attends model, no longer in production. probably the nearest equivalent would be the newer Attends, available in two forms, of either two tapes and velcro tabs, or the four tape version (which'll probably be the best to go for). the Attends are also available from Boots under Boots' own brand name and in a smaller pack size.

    you may also want to consider Tena Slip Maxi.

    Indaslip still have a plastic outer, aside from the wing sections which are now 'breathable'. these may be available from one of your local mobility/disability shops, but you get them online from,
    Adult Pads Diapers and pull-ups
    the Indaslip Large Maxi are the ones to go for; they can fit anyone from young teen up (so long as you tape them right). the same supplier also does the Libero range for children. before you get giddy, the Night Comfort are only the same size as Drynites:
    Attachment 17530

    btw, your links aren't PG friendly.

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    I'd recommend Tena Slip Maxi, which I understand are readily available on your side of the pond. If a more babyish look is what you're going for (my computer wouldn't open one picture for some reason), you should look into the Super Dry Kids or Cushies diapers at, although I imagine the shipping to be somewhat expensive. Good luck!

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    Tena Slip Maxi - unbeatable, comfy and absorbent and quite easy to get hold of.

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