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    Hi I don't know what's wrong with me but I like diapers, soft toys that light up the room, pillows that light up the room. Darkness is dangerous for me. I like very soft things and I like to hold them close and never let go. I don;t have any but have always wanted some. I have always wanted to remain a baby with a speacil baby bottle filled with chocolate milk. There is lots more I want to do but want to be a baby. I want all the acceries but don't know where to go to get them. I don't know what people say here to introduce themselves and I am very new here. I am frightened. PLease don't laugh at me. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

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    There's nothing wrong with you. As it's been said a million times before, you enjoy more comfortable, thicker underwear - what's so bad about that? We all have our certain feelings toward this, but there are plenty of places you can get bottles/accessories.

    Just glad to see you join the group. I couldn't describe how nervous I was when I joined so that's always the biggest step. There's a little cheat sheet that you can follow on the page, but you've done most of it already. What other interests do you have? I'm really into cars now and tv shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

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    Welcome BabyBubbles

    I think you've found the right place to get some understanding on why we do what we do and you will find that after a while you will realise that there is nothing wrong with you for liking diapers.

    Take as much time as you need to read around the forum and if you have questions, there are countless people here who are willing to help you get some answers.

    We usually like to get people to tell us about their other interests beside diapers and there's even a cheat sheet for creating introduction posts.

    I hope your stay here will make you feel less frightened and help you deal with your little side.

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    I like to curl up with a soft toy and watch animated movies. Happy feet is one of my favorites. I guess you could say that I am really into stuffed animals. I love them lots but dad doest like me having em.

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