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Thread: Pacifiers from Europe (Dummies)

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    Put it straight, pacifiers from America don't exactly interest me anymore for some reason. They're all the same and pretty much generic. But ever since I got my first adult pacifier from England (my first adult pacifier ever), I began to notice that the binkies over there in Europe have much more interesting designs and color combinations.

    I already know of Inner Child, but I was wondering if there is other people/places/businesses like this I can get from. I'm looking for more variety to say the least.

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    I have no idea about import sites, but if you're looking for nice European pacifiers, definitely look into Difrax 18+, my personal favorite

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    I like BabyOno 18m+ from Poland. I only discovered them by accident as Amazon was selling a soother called Mammoth Baby and I'd never seen it before so I ordered one. It turns out that Mammoth is just the name of one of Amazon's 'shops' and the soother came from BabyOno. The shield and handle are made from thin, hard plastic so are a bit rattly (noisy) but the teat is lovely and big!

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