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    hey so i was wondering which members do some 3d modeling (i am new at it but am getting pretty good)

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    I'm on a computer animation degree so I do a lot of modelling

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    I used to do some modelling way back in the day using a long defunct program called TrueSpace. I thought I was pretty good, for a kid of the day anyway, but I got some mild criticism from a mentor and I never really got back into that.

    I'm frequently drawn back towards it once in a while, but I find my brain doesn't handle the third dimension so well, and I'm too impatient to really invest the time. My last forays involved some cheesy indie 3d modelling programs and a couple of very ill fated Blender endeavors.

    What program does everyone prefer for this sort of thing? Are the learning curves universally steep?

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    I used to do some 3D modeling and texture making. I made mods for an old game. I never made anything really high quality, since the game I was modding for was so old. I haven't done any modeling in about 3 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
    What program does everyone prefer for this sort of thing? Are the learning curves universally steep?
    I always preferred Zmodeler 1.07. It was easy to learn to model with it, and you could model things quickly with it. But it's really old, and isn't the best for sure. It did what I needed though. The biggest problem with trying to use it today is that it can't handle large resolutions.

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    im using blnder because i am poor haha

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    I've done some using Inventor, though this was through College - No having to shell out 3k+ on a license.

    Though if you have access to an educational e-mail address, you can get 3 years free on any Autodesk program.

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    I wish i had an educational email adress

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