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Thread: A question about incontinence and Diapers.

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    Default A question about incontinence and Diapers.

    So I was just wondering. I am very paranoid about losing bladder control. I don't want it to happen at all, but I love my diapers. I also love wetting. How much would it take for someone to become diaper dependent or start losing bladder control? How much would I have to wet myself, or wear diapers, to become incontinent. I'm sure this question is asked a lot by people, but I'm seriously worried about becoming incontinent from this simple play time. I'm sure it's a long time, but I'm utterly worried about it because I'm very paranoid about my health...

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    The general consensus is that you would have to wear and wet a LOT, probably 24/7, to start losing control. If you're wearing all day and wetting as soon as you feel the slightest need to go, this may lead to problems, otherwise you should be fine. ^_^ Our potty training is pretty ingrained into us.

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    My general understanding is that people who go 24/7 for a very long period of time sometimes report losing some control slowly, and others never lose any control at all.

    You'd essentially have to retrain yourself to go at will without thinking about it, which is not easy. Even then, if it became a problem, you could always retrain yourself not to use diapers.

    No, simply wearing diapers frequently will not make you prone to accidents, nor will it make you incontinent.

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    I wear diapers to work and any time I am able to. However my mate does not know about my diaper fetish and so I do not wear them to sleep in.

    As far in becoming incontinent I have found that by wearing them lots - ie just about every work day and often on the weekend during the day - that I now am able to just relax and find myself leaking as if I had a catheter in me. I have found this change to be so wonderful. It has taking over a year for me to get to this point of just relaxing and letting it flow. I do think that by wearing diapers daily and most importantly NOT worrying about leaking, that mentally it has gotten me to the point of being able to have pee flow out any time I have a diaper on without even trying.

    I so remember the first time that it happen. I had just put on a fresh diaper and was sitting at my desk at work. I felt a need to have a bowel movement (NO I do not poop my diaper at work and hardly ever have at home). I went to the bathroom and pulled the diaper down and it was wet. I did not even notice that I was peeing or had leaked any. I felt fantastic and super excited to have that finally happen. Now when I am driving to work or stopping at the coffee house for coffee, the flow will just happen and without even trying and lots of the time without me even noticing that pee is leaking out of me.

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    I have been wearing 24/7 for over a year and I still have bladder control. I know someone who had been wearing 24/7 since 2007 and as of 2012, he still had control.

    If you feel you are starting to lose control, you can always quit wearing them and try holding it to make your bladder stronger again.

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    Have been wearing diapers 24/7 for the past 5 years and still have some control so you don't really have anything to worry about

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    I do not really know a ton of people that go IC from wearing diapers to often. I have heard of a few turning into bedwetter though. My BF is a perfect example of that. But most people who wear diapers tend to hold it for a long time. Like it was said before if you start wearing 24/7 and pee the minute you feel the first urge, yeah, that might affect your bladder control. But if you still wait to go to wet the same length of time you would wait to use the bathroom you should be fine.

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