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    Default Baby talk?

    am I the only one who doesn't like being a full baby (crib botttle highchairs) but when really loves baby talk? I love it people say "Uh oh baby made a poopy in diaper" and stuff like that

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    Sounds normal enough! After all, we're discussing something that's already a bit odd. Personally, I don't think I'd want an adult crib or highchair or stroller. That's taking it a bit too far for me, but everyone is different!

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    Just give me a crayon, a coloring book, and a plushie and I'm good. With the exception of my new found love of My Little Pony toys of course. :> I like to talk like a little girl when I'm playing and things but I don't know about anybody talking back as I've never had the chance to experience that. Everybody is different indeed.

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    I talk like a toddler sometimes around my friends. Sometimes they think its cute, other times, it just slips right over their head because they're so used to it by now I suppose lol. Don't think I'd want a crib though, or a high chair... I don't know, it doesn't seem like that much fun.

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    I really enjoy baby talk, although I'm still a little bashful in asking for it. It really helps me regress.

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    well as a toddler i have a big boys bed but with super cute bed covers and some soft toys. the only real kind of baby thing i take great joy out of is my binky and the nappies. i have been talk't to like a baby be for and it kind of made me go all shy. big hugs little lel

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    If I'm in the right mood and with the right person, I think I'd really like someone to talk to me like a little baby/toddler As long as it's not complete gibberish, I find that kind of stupid even with actual babies.

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