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Thread: Is this diaper rash?

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    Default Is this diaper rash?

    I have some red/chaffed skin on the side of my leg that burns when I touch it. Last night I wet my diaper a few times and didn't change, but can it happen to the side of your leg as well? (Diaper noobie here lol)

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    It sounds like it might be. get some diaper rash cream and use it. Might want to get some baby lotion to use before putting on your diaper it helps to stop the wetness from getting next to your skin. If you use baby powder use the corn starch kind not the talc.

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    In this heat you don't want to set in a wet diaper to long. you might have a combination of heat rash and diaper rash.

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    Is it possible prolonged wearing caused the diaper to rub too much ? as that could explain it too.

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