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    I have a question that have about regression.

    How do you stop one from happening if it happening involuntarily. Like for me it been happening a few time in the pass month. For example when I been going home for the weekend and than coming back to college (taking summer classes) I have been almost regressing and really don't want to as I don't want people to find out about this. It as never happened before and last school year I went home every month at least once and never it happened then. How do I stop these and why do you think they are happening.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Sorry about the post I made last night. That said, my answer still stands: the best thing you can do is buckle down and concentrate. If you have a compelling reason not to regress, focus on that until you no longer feel it coming on. I didn't snap out of it last night due to choice, which happened to be the wrong choice. Sorry and best of luck

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    i know what you are saying i have been doing the same thing as well. for me i have triggers, things that will set of regression if i see some think like (eg) binky or toddler toys nappies that kind of thing i feel my self becoming little. it's very hard to snap out of it. some time find my self saying really babyish things when i'm at work but i have to just tell my big self to pull it together and my little self will have to wait. the power of regression is different for every one. i dont have any real advice to give you but im shore you will find a way that works for you. i wish you all the best. super big hugs little leo

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    Be your own big!

    I have had problems with unwanted regression as well, and all I can say is: focus on your big side. Think rationally, make the choice not to regress.

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    How does one "accidentally" regress? Could you explain a bit more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddlerTike View Post
    How does one "accidentally" regress? Could you explain a bit more?
    For some people (including myself), certain things trigger regression. It is not that you try to regress, but rather that it happens naturally. If I may be so bold as to say this (if wrong please let me know, as this is just my experience), this happens more to those of us who associate ourselves with a younger age naturally.

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