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Thread: craving badly! binky junkie!

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    Default craving badly! binky junkie!

    binky craving badly! i have been using my pacifier a lot and had to stop as getting a sore chin rash. but having a hard time with out it like a binky junkie. any one had to go with out there's ? what help't you ? super hugs little leo

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    If i dont have my binky then my trusty old thumb is always right there when i need it

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    hm i just cant do that not shore why just dont like the taste of my thumb

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    Nasty ole drooling rash , Yuk If you are using an adult size pacifier you might try a baby size for a while. If all else fails, like Littlebiker said there is always the Thumb.

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    ha ha ha i like that. you made me giggly like a girl! thanks i needed that

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    hey little one i use a 18 months to 3 years i like the way the feel but still get rash may be i will start a big boy thing like smoking that might help! nnnnnnno! way just joking super! hugs little leo

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    I cant use the latex ones they give me a rash. Its got to be silicone

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    ho this is no! good im going to have to binky it up rash or not

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