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Thread: Omg i killed a cat!!!!

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    Default Omg i killed a cat!!!!

    I was driving home from my friends house at approx. 1:16 AM EST when from the corner of my left eye I saw an adult black cat run directly in front of my veichle and then I immediatley heard tHuMp tHuMp (front and rear tire hitting something).

    I've always heard people say "oh, there was nothing I could do, it just jumped out in front of me", and i've always frowned and said "B-S, you could have done SOMETHING"...but really...they were right...there was nothing I could do .

    I've hit squirrels before, but this is really big . I killed someone's pet tonight and I feel awful . The cat certainly had a death wish though, because I was the only car on the road when it happened....Do cats commit suicide?

    Help me guys

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    Deal with it.

    So you hit a BLACK cat at night in the dark.

    Any court would rule that you had no fault in killing it seeing as it ran out in front of your car and is not visible. So do not worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Deal with it.
    Dont be mean to him

    Brian i have thankfully never had to experience anything like that before , maybe cause i can't drive yet , but still im sure you must feel bad. I know you took someones beloved pet away from there family but dont kill yourself over it , as you said there was nothing you could do . I mean at least it wasn't intentional , it was a accident.

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    Better than hitting a black baby...That would be a hate crime

    Quote Originally Posted by diapeybabybrian View Post
    Do cats commit suicide?
    Kamikaze Kat

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    This is one of the few situations in which I would suggest you talk to someone, because this is something that happens once, and has a huge impact. But yeah, guys: stop being dicks.

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    It was a accident you were not aiming for the cat and the cat could of waited like 4 seconds to cross safely. In other word's its all the cat's fault, most animals have the sense to stay away from moving objects which are MANY times bigger then them. Also if it was someones pet why was it out at the middle of the night? So I doubt it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    Dont be mean to him
    How is that mean If he does not deal with it he will end up all emo and stuff. and You know Emo Bad. With all the black nail polish my chemical romance and the stealing your sisters mascara.
    Ah joking.

    But seriously how is telling someone to deal with it they did nothing wrong mean?

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    That's the bad part about having pets. They never seem to relize the dangers involved with vehicles and such. I've personally ran over a cat a few years ago. It was also hard to deal with. It was dark out and only saw the cat maybe a second before my tires hit it, not soon enough to get the vehicle stopped.

    It was an accident, so try not to worry about it too much. Hopefully if it was someones pet they weren't too attached to it. If it occured in a city or town I wouldn't worry too much about it because a cat probably shouldn't be roaming around like that alone, especially late at night. Which could mean it's a stray, or the owner didn't care much about it.

    If it happened in a Rural area I still probably wouldn't worry about it too much. I lived on a farm and had a few of our outdoor cats ran over through out my childhood. Generally the outdoor cats we weren't overly attached to anyway and didn't miss them overly much, they were just cats that hung around to us. In rural areas there's also a lot of stray cats just roaming around. On the farm we had plenty of stray cats just move in.

    So since the cat was roaming around late at night pretty much anywhere I wouldn't be too worried about the owner being too upset about it because if they were really attached to the cat they wouldn't have allowed the cat to roam around like that, especially late at night. There's also a good chance it was a stray and won't be missed at all.

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    Also Just so you know my cat has been hit twice and is fine. (lucky damn fucking cat O.o) and is fine so not a necessary auto kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Also Just so you know my cat has been hit twice and is fine. (lucky damn fucking cat O.o) and is fine so not a necessary auto kill.
    That is also true, that cat might not even be hurt much. I had a dog that was run over by a tractor and lived. We took it to the vet to make sure it was fine and it was. It hurt its leg, but that was it. The leg got better within a month and after that it was just like the dog never got ran over at all.

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