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Thread: Thrift store method of building wardrobe

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    Haven't posted (or really felt the urge to dress up) on this subforum for a while but in the meantime I have been scanning thrift store aisles for items that 'speak' to me. Today I focused on Little shoes and found a pair of black MJs but they had a kitten heel so between that, the anxiety from other people in the shoe aisles when I want to browse them, and the fact that they weren't half-off I passed on them. I did end up getting some Nursing Home Diapers for $2 so the trip wasn't a total bust.

    Aside from assembling a completely cartoonish outfit to go with the Mary Janes simply because I like the look of the shoes I don't know what else to do in that regard. Getting together contemporary LG ensembles it's easy to get the clothes but finding appropriate shoes in our sizes is another matter, and in the spirit of doing this on the cheap it sort of rules out spending more than $20 a pair.

    Any thoughts, commiserations or victories to share would be welcomed

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    I got some lace ankle socks and some pink heels at a "Hot Topic" store. They had MJ's in adult sizes :-)

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    I've recently bought a number of girl's skirts from thrift stores for extremely cheap - $2 each. They're pretty short, so they show off the bottom of a diaper in a really cute, LG-ish way. I can't wear them out of the house, of course, if I'm trying to be discreet, but gosh, they're adorable.

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