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Thread: why do I continue to torture myself

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    Default why do I continue to torture myself

    here we go again

    apparently around my girlfriend, you can't carry a box cutter. she had me falsely IEA'ed to the hospital stating that might threaten her with a knife. I wdas c pulled out of my house by two cops and an ambulance, spent 24 hrs in the hospital. i was lucky enough to talk my way out of there and get home to my girl.

    I find thst she defaulted on the rent drained her bank account and took off two towns over,left everything behind even the cat and told me that i was too volitile for her and she needed a break

    so after being thrpwn outta my house and back with my aunt she called me up today and said she still wanted things to work. meanwhile my Social Security has been cut, food stamps and cash assistance gone because of the fact that I'm living with my aunt. so finding a place of my own can't happen.

    what do I do here

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    I would feel sorry for you But,It's your fault your in this mess!
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    Tell her that she's going to pay for what she did if she ever wants to see you again. Literally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SennkohCoola View Post
    I would feel sorry for you But,It's fault your in this mess!
    Even if this is true (which I don't know), this isn't helpful. Goodnightmoon came on looking for advice, not to be told off. Let's try and stay positive here.

    To Goodnightmoon, I'm sorry for what you're going through. One thing is clear: you need to get out of this relationship for good. It sounds like your stability, your safety, and your emotional health are at risk. If she calls again, tell her the relationship needs to end, and break it off. Once you've dealt with the pain, you'll be able to figure out a clearer plan. Good luck! (I can't answer your social security questions because I have no idea how that works in the US).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post
    To Goodnightmoon, you need to get out of this relationship for good. tell her the relationship needs to end, and break it off.
    That is exactly what I thought when I read the OP. If she pulled all this crap on you, and caused you all these problems, and has the gall to call you up and try to start it all over again. I'm sorry, but I think I'd tell her that the relationship was over the moment she caused you all those problems.

    Fortunately hindsight is 20/20, and now that you can see how you are better off without this girl, you need to cut your losses (although I don't think letting this girl go would count as much of a loss) and get on with your life by rebuilding what you lost.

    And next time, be more vigilant in who you hang around with.

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    Having left a bad relationship, only to return to it, made it much harder to leave later, with higher consequences both emotionally and financially, sometimes it simply isn't worth the risk, even if you love that person.

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    Two words come to mind: Protective order. It seems to me that if she's pulling stunts like this, you should look into getting one.

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    I'm essentially agreeing with everybody else.

    This is the signs of an absolutely crazy/psycho girlfriend and I think this is a sign that you need to break it off for good now, despite what I said before in the previous thread, I gotta tell ya I have a completely different take on it now after reading all of that. And it's that for the safety of your own mental health and your living in general that you need to break it off with her ASAP and for good.

    Relationships like these ones always leave people like yourself (the victim who's been getting majorly hurt) psychologically damaged and emotionally scarred for future experiences in a relationship.

    So, my advice, get out while you still have your sanity in check, ring her up, tell her it's over and that you never want to see her again and if she does in fact cause any kind of trouble for you again the police will be involved. Take a break for a while and get your thoughts together, then try and piece back together whatever mess she made for you.

    Hopefully all will go well, you can only hope after all. But I really do hope that you can sort this all out.

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    Yes I would say dump her and get on with your life.

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    Agreed an injunction will help you make a clean break and should give you some peace of mind too

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