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Thread: Nappies at university and in halls?

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    Default Nappies at university and in halls?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going to university in October. I was planning to abstain from wearing nappies until I was back home for the holidays and just take my dummies as they are easier to hide. What I was wondering is do you think it's possible to take it all at all. I will be living in halls so that makes it extremely difficult.

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    I've tried doing this before, and, suffice it to say, it did not end well. It really is something intimate and private, and privacy is greatly lacking at university. I live in a college town, and i work with people currently in college or preparing to go to college. The dorm lifestyle simply is not compatible with the AB lifestyle. I'm glad that you are thinking of trying to go without. That, i feel, is the best option for most. Only try it if you are prepared to be found out.

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    I don't know... I found that I had more privacy living in halls than I did at home with my parents! For starters, I could lock the door to my room!

    I only wore at night when I knew I wouldn't be disturbed, and put the diapers at the back of a shelf at the top of my wardrobe, where I knew no one would ever look.

    It wasn't something I did regularly, but it was easy enough when I got the urge...

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    Thanks guys. Maybe I should stop wearing them so much so being without them will be easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turfy View Post
    The dorm lifestyle simply is not compatible with the AB lifestyle.
    Not really. But your mileage may vary. I was out to my room mate. It was no big deal. My roommate was also a little clueless,... not clueless... but he really stayed out of my stuff. I had my diaper pail in our bathroom. A month later I made a joke about wearing diapers. He was like what are you talking about? He had not even noticed that my diaper pail existed. He thought it was just a "very bad smelling trashcan that should not be opened". He still treats me with respect. Being ABDL makes no difference to him. If you are going to do ABDL things in a dorm, which you will believe me. Make sure that you have a zero fucks given attitude. People tend to pick up on your discomfort. If you act like you are hiding something then when you are finally outed they will think it is something bad. If you are cool about it most other people will be cool too. Bottom line is that most people don't really care what you are doing unless it involves them in some way.

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    I would wear the nappies. The thing is its your life and your choice and if you get the privacy to do it then whats the harm. If you did ever get discovered wearing them why not just say there is a medical reason. Thats what I would do.

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    It depends on how the dorms are set up. Private or shared sleeping spaces?

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    If you are in your own room, you will actually be able wear with relative ease, with a few simple precautions. When I was in halls during my first year at uni, I ALWAYS locked my door when I left, no matter how briefly I planned on being out of the room (even if only for 1 or 2 minutes) and if I wanted to wear at night, I would again lock my door and also close the curtains so I couldn't be seen. I had pyjamas and a dressing gown to put on of I needed to leave quickly. Once, the fire alarm went off whilst I was wearing overnight, but I quickly put my PJs and dressing gown on and absolutely nobody noticed. As for disposing of them, all the bathrooms had sanitary bins for womens' pads etc. which I could put them in, but eventually I realised I could just put them in the bin in my room, as the cleaner was never going to mention the nappies even if she saw them.

    All in all, it is actually very easy to wear nappies in halls at uni, providing you take a few obvious precautions, and if you are in a single room. If you are in a shared room then I can't advise, unfortunately

    Out of interest, which uni are you going to?

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    I only wore when I had a single room during half of my sophomore and all of my senior year. Trying to hide diapers with a roommate in a 10x16 room is going to look incredible sketchy, you also don't know who they are or their room habits.

    Feel the situation out first then figure out if you are going to be able to get away with diapers. If you do opt to bring diapers you should be as clean and considerate with them as possible so nobody finds you at fault if your roommate finds out and get an RA involved.

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