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Thread: How do you handle bedwetting?

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    Default How do you handle bedwetting?

    I'm a bedwetter, and I use to wear GoodNites. Sometimes they get overfilled when I drink lots of water. Five weeks ago I've overfilled my diaper, and leaked everywhere. I also took a look into cloth diapers but I'm quite unsure about this. What are your advices?

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    That's easy... You shouldn't be waiting to change them have them overfill. Also, reduce your drinking of water.

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    Cloth is much easier to add absorbency to. They are going to cost more up front, but in the long run will be more cost effective.

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    I wear a high-capacity disposable diaper (Abena M4) to bed. In fact, because of my urge incontinece, I wear them 24/7/365. IMHO Goodnites and other pull-ups are not the best thing to wear at night, not enough capacity reliably to handle the contents of an adult's full bladder. I agree that cloth diapers work well, but washing and drying them is a big nuisance.

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    Switch to an adult size diaper (taped all-in-one not a pull-up), or go with cloth and plastic pants. Goodnites are made for people with child-sized bladders.

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    Booster pads may help the situation. My experience is use as many as needed so you will not leak.

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    I've used 2 cloth diapers with plastic pants most of my life and had very little problems with leaks.
    Function is what counts when you have medical problems.

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    I agree with downtide. Switch to a good quality taped diaper and you shouldn't have any problem. I have a free draining bladder and wear a Tena Slip Maxi to bed with no problems. They hold a normal night's wetting but if I've been out for a drink in the evening I sometimes add a booster pad just to make sure. Good nights seem to have a lot of negat I've comments on ADISC so I'd definitely try a premium brand.

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    I started bed wetting again at 16 and the best thing for staying dry has been good quality absorbency diapers! Buy Molicare Super Plus diapers or double up on a regular store brand.

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