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Thread: Lucid Dreaming?

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    Default Lucid Dreaming?

    I wanted to know if anyone was into lucid dreaming, and if anyone used lucid dreaming to regress?

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    wow thats wired.regrets last night in some kind of way in my sleep but i know i was doing it lucid dream? but i not shore as i felt and hear my self whimpering. i have edit this as what i put on your post was wrong of me this is your post. and a great one. that should make for an interesting discussion. hugs little leo
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    Back on topic, yes I have. I used to be able to do it a lot better when I was younger. In my defense, I work two jobs during the school year and that makes me so tired that I don't remember my dreams. I also only get 6 hours of sleep if that. But during the summer I can sleep in, an when I wake up early to take my wife off her dialysis machine, I try to control my dreams when I go back to sleep. Sometimes it works, but usually the mind goes where it wants. I think you have to be on that edge of sleep, somewhere between slightly awake and sleep, but where the mind still works. I would suggest that you keep trying. You'll get lucky and be able to dream about diapers...haha...that's my guess...right?

    I did have a diaper dream several mornings ago, so it does work.

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    I am but regression is not my goal. Dreams have wacko plots and provide you with even more wacko solutions to problems you're dealing with during the day. The best part? While dreaming, it all makes so much sense! Keep in mind that dreams aren't always pleasant but feel very real. This brings up an interesting question doesn't it? What is real?

    While I find it easy to realise I'm dreaming, I find it hard to control the dream. Some tips that helped me and might help you. Have a steady sleep rhythm but have one day of the week where you don't have to get up on the regular hour allowing you to fall asleep again. Develop a reality check like trying to push your hand thru your body and do it a lot during the day. Write down your dreams (keep pen and paper beside your bed).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I did have a diaper dream several mornings ago, so it does work.
    Me Too!
    But I don't remember it.

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    I use to do lucid dreaming, but got crap scared out me ones when woke up twice. I found if I think about a subject before falling asleep I can kind of set a target for a dream, wich is allot easier to do.
    The only reasons I would use lucid dreaming would be for trying to remember old memories or solving a problem. I do set a target or plot allot of being little tho, but that's not really lucid dreaming.

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    Try this: How to Lucid Dream: 16 Steps - wikiHow

    it's actually not a bad reference if the subject of lucid dreaming is what you're after.

    I've been at it for years and at times find it really easy - at others, mostly when I'm too tired had far too less sleep / to few hours it's almost impossible for me.
    It came up in a psychology class I took years ago and the teacher gave a couple of hints/instructions on the topic - that was what got me intrigued about it.

    To me - when I'm able to make it really work - it's a bit like a damn holo-deck gone wild (at times).
    At other times I manage to "focus" on for some time - and then the mind does odd things and it becomes more like a real dream.

    It's interesting and nothing to be afraid of.

    Your mind is far more powerful than any drugs out there...

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