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Thread: Your partner's reaction that you're a diaper lover

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    Default Your partner's reaction that you're a diaper lover

    Sorry if there is already a thread for this topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nappies2302 View Post
    Sorry if there is already a thread for this topic.
    completely negative.

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    He was extremely supportive. He was happy I could be open with him, and in turn opened up to me about his liking for women's underwear. So we both were happy to be out in the open so we can be weird together without suppressing our desires or keeping secrets.

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    He took it very well. The full extent of how much I wanted to wear diapers took awhile to work through, but in the end its all good for us. It did, and for many does, open up the conversation about other kinks and stuff. From this I found my partner likes watersports and spanking.

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    My girlfriend is a CNA my words to her will you diaper me? Her response sure babe i diaper people at work all day

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    at first it was pretty negative with her just pretending i didn't wear them, but over the next couple years it turned into accepting and being okay with it. now we've gotten to the point where she even likes being "little" herself and we each play caretaker for one another n_n

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    She was a bit hesitant at first, but has since warmed to the idea. It's not really her thing, but she lets me wear whenever I want and will even change me from time to time.

    I introduced the idea to her slowly. I spend a lot of time on the road and said that sometimes there simply wasn't a stop available by the time I realized I needed one. She said it was OK for that, but wasn't real keen on the idea when I started wearing at home. But, as I said, she's more accepting now...

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    My girlfriend bribed it out of me. i didnt tell her but i gave her clues and just said yes or no. when she guessed it I was a tomato and I had hid my face into her neck I was so embarrassed. I was really, really embarrassed. she just told me that it was fine and that it wasnt weird. was a positive experience for me, she even has a little side as well and shes been diapered plenty of times with me and sometimes even without me ^_^
    and of course she loves her dummy.

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    Well, I'm AB but I guess I can answer.

    I didn't tell my girlfriend.. didn't have to, she found out by using my computer while I was at work. (totally my bad on this, forgot to clean the history)
    And she posted on another ABDL website forum asking for advice when she was back to her place.
    I recognized me in her post and we talked about it on Skype the next evening.

    She was weirded out by the whole thing and was very kind to me. Even if she told me that it's not something she understands, she said she's still loving me and she accepts me as I am, ABDL or not.
    She doesn't really get into it, but meh, who cares

    She lets me use my paci when we're watching movies and she even give me a bottle twice. (that was weird and embarrassing but I really enjoy it)
    She clearly stated that diaper was a no-go and I understand. We're both making compromise and I'm glad she's so understanding.

    Funny thing, I kinda think it actually brought us more close to each other.

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    I told my now wife when we were dating, when I knew I wanted to be with her forever I just knew it was part of me that I had to tell her about. At first she really did not understand. But we watched some videos/read some posts and she kind of accepted it. After about 6 months or so I got her to try wearing a diaper and she took a liking to adult pull-ups more than diapers and she wears on occasion. She has the hardest time wetting though. But she does like the feeling. We did go through a little phase where she thought I wore too much but this was in the beginning. For about the last 6 months I have worn every night and she accepting loving and just knows it my thing. She even finds my "diaper butt" cute and well can be quite playful.... It was worth telling her and it all turned out much better than I imagined....

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