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Thread: Male gender identity, FtMs, tomboys?

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    Default Male gender identity, FtMs, tomboys?

    So, there's a lot of gender-related discussion in the sissy forum, but obviously it's aimed at those who are female-identified, female-presenting, or at the very least in touch with their femininity in some fashion.

    I wonder, is there a greater proportion of female/femme folks in the ABDL community? If so, why? Is it because women in western culture are expected to, or at least allowed to behave more youthfully than men?

    Is there any potential value in a place to discuss masculinity, boyhood, FtM identities, etc? Maybe not a whole forum section, but perhaps this thread can be an open discussion about the interaction between masculinity and littleness in our lives.

    I for one am FtM. One thing I've come to realize is that having breasts can be jarring to my psyche, not just in the gender dysphoria way, but in the "I feel too young to have these" way as well. I am really looking forward to the day I can get my top surgery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StripeyWolfPup View Post
    Is there any potential value in a place to discuss masculinity, boyhood, FtM identities, etc?
    Definitely. Did a quick search, there's been plenty of threads on this forum about it.

    Neither male, female or 'grey-area' identities are more legitimate than the other, and they've all been up for discussion previously. Online communities are a pretty varied mixed bag of people.

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    I have never wanted to be male but for a long time in all my dreams I was a man. Always. Sometimes I was gay and sometimes I was straight. I never really understood or questioned it O.o I actually liked it

    I'm also a 'Daddy' to my Mousling. For some reason when we roleplayed I started out as her sister, then her big sister and then her caretaker. It took me a while to realize I had been thinking of myself as her Daddy for at least 30mins. I freaked out a bit but she thankfully didn't mind in the slgihtest and I became Her Papi and her my Cheesecake. When we aren't little we interact as 2 girls but when I am her Papi I'm completely male. I use 'He' and 'his' And I actually have a whole other identity for it :3 I know it's not exactly on topic but is there anyone else like this? And no it's not just roleplaying as a man. When I'm her Papi, I am a man. A vaugly feminine one but a man non-the-less. It's a completely male headspace. Is that odd?

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    @stripeywolfpup I'm also Ftm and always wondered the same. It would be nice to have even a sub forum/thread for discussion. Great post

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    I am a in a grey area when it comes to my gender identity. I tend to explain it as being "genderqueer" or "agendered." When I am in my little space, I tend to go towards thinking of myself as a little boy. When I am little I love wearing dresses sometimes, though. My breasts get in the way of my gender identity a lot of the time. I have wanted to have surgery since I was 15 and grew to a DD cup. Eventually when I have the money, I will get reduction surgery (hopefully down to an A or B cup, so I can bind when I want and present however I feel).

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