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Thread: Assurance Boxers Incontinence Product Review

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    Lightbulb Assurance Boxers Incontinence Product Review

    Hey guys!

    Like everything I do, this is a clean video review of the assurance brand incontinence boxers.

    In a nutshell:

    1. Absorbs far better than expected.
    2. Feels very loosey goosey, absorbent material hangs loose away from the body unless you pull them real high on your waist...(And they slide back down anyway.)
    3. Feels like a product intended for people self conscious about wetting with minor wetting issues.
    4. Feels like a test product that really could have been designed *better.

    *For example: Why not have it be like swimming trunks with an inner layer that is fully absorbent that fits close to your body? Or have an inner pull up underwear style coverage on the inside. The extra boxer material is really silly IMO, especially when it's more in style to wear tighter fitting boxer briefs. It feels like grandpa's boxers to me.

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    I first got these when they came out and was so disapointed I ended up taking them to a Goodwill for donation. Great review tho

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    Thanks for those videos Mitchy. They've helped me accept myself with this AB/DL stuff...

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    Thanks guys! I am going to review other products also when I have time (soon) but it's more difficult to do what I do because I am doing it in a careful and clean way. I also have tons of other side projects... (The list is enormous and keeps growing.)

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