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Thread: uhm hi

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    Default uhm hi

    hi im a shy lil girl i go by the name of Kira pup or Kiraki on other places, yes i am a furry and a baby girl, im timid and a scardey wolf >.<
    I love diapers and bottles and pacifiers i havent worn diapers yet but i dream about them alot and think about them all the time

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    I know what that's like, I haven't worn diapers in like 3 years.

    You should feel at home here, lots of baby furs and other nice people.

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    hello little one, welcome SicartheaSpikefan right lots of cool people here. little leo

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    Thanks ^.^ ill do my best to keep updated X3

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    hehehe thanks my silly little kitty ^,..,^ thanks ZZ <3

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    Hey ya Kiraki!

    And welcome to adisc of course!

    Perhaps you would also like to tell us something about your hobbies or other things about how you're spending your free time besides the obvious reason, why you're here?
    Really don't feel too shy! We won't bite ^_^ and it's always nice to get to know persons a little more.

    In your profile you mentioned that you're into music and animations and furthermore that the last is also your major for studying.
    So... what's your favorite music or genre, bands and artists?
    Besides that I'm curious... into what kind of animation are you?

    Anyway, have fun on adisc!

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    Hi I am new. I hope you are well and that enjoy soft toys like I do.

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    Hey there Kira, welcome to ADISC!

    It's great to see another Kiwi babyfur on here... there's a few of us now

    All the best,

    ~ Puppyluvs

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    My fave kind of music is, Rock/metal although i like folk like pan flutes and really soft meditative kind of music, then the Rock, thrash metal, anything with double heavy shredding guitars and a double kick drum (nightwish, AC/DC, Black Veil Brides (one of my faves), and a few old school bands like poison and foreigner) also like techno really ravey stuff something fun to dance to like FIAB and Blood On The Dance Floor

    DISNEY!!!! of course ive always been a Disney kid and Don Bluth :3 but one of my fave movies is Alpha and Omega X3 its about two wolves
    and uhh hobbies Xs well i draw and i write also play video games and make little oragami stars.

    and why im here is because im a bedwetter most parts but i love diapers and im an AB and wanna connect with others and just be friendly :3

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