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Thread: THE trigger effect regression and play time :)

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    Default THE trigger effect regression and play time :)

    hello little one's ok so i have a trigger effect for regression eg toddler toys pacifiers nappies cartoons smell of baby powder them kind of things even speaking about it can do it . i dont plan regression it just kind of happens normally triggered by some think. so how about you what triggers it for you?. how do you get into the frame of mind for some play time ? big! hugs little leo

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    Maybe I'm a little different. But for me, Being a DL, I am either in the mood or not. For me there aren't really any triggers. I'm, either wearing a diaper while going about my day, or not, LOL.

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    that's cool i get that. as teen i was the same it was just the nappies i was into as i got a little older started to feel more AB side coming out. little leo

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    Same as me as a teen, My AB side is still coming out

    for the sake of the others (I already talked about this with Littleleo) I don't have any real triggers

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    4,30am i'm back lol one's you find some think that makes you feel little or makes you feel safe and snug you may find it will be come a trigger but every one is different so it may not. when i got my 1st pacifier i would go back to it time and time again mostly at night tho when i was all snug in bed like now.

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    I know this sounds obvious, but usually, diapers. However, I can lie in bed not diapered, and think myself into a regressed state. Plushies will also do it.

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    dogboy,with you on that nappies are the big trigger for me 4 shore. but i can't get to sleep with out a on nappy

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    For me I have a few triggers. First off I am always diapered because I have to be, so that is not really a trigger. I would say my binky is a big one. My baby toys are one too. Also I find that being tickled is a bit of a trigger. Not sure why on that one.

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    hey little one ha being tickled that would be a big trigger who dose not like a good tickle now and then. some one tickle me

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleleo View Post
    some one tickle me
    Brace yourself!

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