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    Hello all !

    I'm new here so maybe I'll tell something about my background:

    I was a bed wetter as a kid and diapers made me feel safe and secure. I wanted to keep on wearing diapers even though the wetting had stopped. My mom didn't approve and I was forced into diapers and humiliated in front of our family and relatives. I somehow enjoyed it. I kept on wearing diapers in secret but got caught many times by my mom and siblings.

    As a teen I faced a problem: I couldn't fit into normal baby diapers anymore. I was very frustrated until I moved out, had my own place and the ability to buy adult diapers. At that time I got caught many times by my parents and my grand parents since they had their own keys to my place -- the appartment was owned by them. At the age of 18 I told about my fetish to my gf and she wasn't very acceptive. She wore diapers many times to please me, but she didn't enjoy it. We separated when I moved to another town to study.

    I dated many women during the five years and told few of them about my fetish. None of them were very acceptive and thus the relationships eventually ended. I kept on wearing diapers and even told my room mate about it. He couldn't care less. I graduaded and moved back to my home town.

    After returning to my home town I lived at my grand parents house. I wore diapers all the time since I had nothing to hide.

    Then I met my future wife and mother of my child(ren). After dating her two months I told her about my fetish and about my history with women. She was very accepting and a year later we moved together. We've been happily together for 2 years now and our firstborn is on his way to this world.

    Since I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for years now I've become partially incontinent. I sometimes wet during the night and during daytime I don't always even notice that I'm wetting. Few times I've tried being without a diaper, but it's very difficult since I don't know anymore if I need to go or not.

    My gf started using adult diapers a month ago since she started having troubles getting into the bathroom in time because of the pregnancy. She thinks they come in handy. I guess she won't be wearing after the baby is born though. I don't need her to wear diapers. I just need her to accept me.

    A little bit over a year ago I started my own small business that sells adult diapers and we've been doing pretty well in my home country. I won't be running out of diapers! I also work as a supervisor in a large company.

    That's my life in a nutshell.

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