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Thread: AM i normal ? keeping it PG!

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    Default AM i normal ? keeping it PG!

    is it normal?. i really want to keep this PG! i don't want this to sound like im in any way like im being rude. it's just i have had it on my mind for some time and its not like i can go and speak to my dad about it. and really sorry girls. OK so for the last 3 months or so i'm having some problems with playing with my self its not that i don't want to or have no desire to but every time for the last 2 or 3 months it feel like im doing some think bad. i know for lot of people nappies are a turn on and when i was a teen it did turn me on the feeling of wearing a nappy. but now i feel like im doing some naughty and its a big turn off! is it more my AB side telling me not to do things like that and if so how will it effect me in a relationship. im a little bit worried about it because i have not been in a sexual relationship yet! don't get me wrong there has been times when i Could have but out of my choice i haven't as i'm saving my innocence for some one i really care about and love. so how do i get over this guilty feeling when touching my self has any one had the some problem ?. thank you for taking the time and i really did try my best to keep it not rude. . little leo

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    Well, the first step to overcoming your feelings of guilt is just knowing that this is natural. As a teenager going through puberty, it is more than natural to be doing these things, so don't feel like you're doing something wrong. Once you've come to accept that, it should be fine.

    However, if it is that coincided with the nappies that you're worried about, might I suggest a few options. Option Number First is to "take care of business" before padding up, as this will reduce you connecting the nappies as a source for your need for relief...though I don't know how well that would really go. Next would be to remind yourself that it isn't bad. As I said before "playing with yourself" is already natural enough for a teenager, and with a nappy being so soft in that region it isn't a surprise that it can lead one to wanting to do that.

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    i really appreciate you taking the time to reply i will take your advice on board 4 shore thank you big hugs. little leo

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    It sounds like you are having conflicting thoughts of your up bringing and human desires. As Jagged said human desires are normal . As for the relationships , if you find the right person they will take you for who you are. Your feelings are very normal, nothing naughty about them . They are human desires and everyone has them. Some times are up bringing's collide with human nature. Being human is not naughty never has been and never will be. I went though those feelings myself and they can be confusing. Just do what feels right for you.

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    As a young child who was seen pleasuring herself by her parents and told not to do that, I felt quite guilty doing it in secret until I was older and learned that what I was doing was completely normal. There's no reason to feel bad. If diapers are turn on for you just as they are for a lot of us, masturbation is to be expected.

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    Guilt is a factor, for me, it never really goes away. It hits after the fact usually. But I have been able to pass it on pretty quickly as I got older. It's way less intense as it used to be. Acceptance can help you throughout your day. Being self destructive about it can trickle down to everything else you do during your day.

    Just try putting on a diaper, and do other things that you enjoy as well. Go out and eat, go watch a movie. Try to quickly dismiss negative thoughts by thinking of something else or just tell yourself that is ok.

    Practice at passing negative thoughts.

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    kimbastarshine, thank you for sharing it takes a lot to share some think personal. i spent a long time on this post as i wanted it to be worded right. out of respect i feel so happy i can come here and say how i feel with out feeing embarrassed again thank you, big hugs ;ittle leo
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    i think time will tell my friend i would just like to find some one that would be a start. but it is very confusing. thank you for taking the time. little leo

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    I asked someone a similar question a few years ago. I had discussed a lot of my interests and kinks. The answer I got was:-
    "Yes I am normal for a furry"
    You are normal too, you have a concience and a mind that wants to do the right thing. You will get used to it all as time passes. *Tiddles*

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    yes my friend all in good time may i asking you some think what is furry's like what is it all about kind of thing. i have hared of them but just un shore what is about?. your friend little leo

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