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    Hi all, I'd like to share a recent experience of mine.

    The title says it pretty well -- 'Try to focus on what matters'. I want to tell this little story to all youngsters and folks who hadn't the courage yet to get into this world, or are on it right now, just as a guideline. A fable to make things more pleasant to those who are discovering this beautiful world.

    Although it is true that I registered here a couple of months ago, I've been a diaper lover for around twenty years; I've been repressing my feelings (as much and as normally would do almost any teenager) until less than two years ago.

    I decided to unleash my feelings about this 'orientation' , bought a bag of diapers, and started to try to use them. Of course, the feeling is amazing, there is no hesitation nor discussion about that. But, suddenly, the worst happened: Duty called.

    As I stated somewhere, I work in a IT area, specifically I'm a system administrator. The relevant point here is, that as a sysadmin, work calls anywhere, at any moment, and sometimes (alright, alright, always) is very insensitive. Our job often makes us to concentrate to unhealthy levels, even more to us who are passionate about what we do. And I'm very passionate about almost everything.

    Since last thursday, I've been drifting *a day*. ONE day. A giant, blurred day only divided by little naps comprising not more than three hours, caused by a series of issues and unplanned maintenance that came from nowhere and suddenly was almost a matter of life or death. That thursday was the second day I was giving attention to my new decision -- to enjoy diapers like never before.

    Then the nightmare begun.

    Although I could concentrate on my tasks, suddenly I wasn't able to stay focused. I started to work slower. Trivial, easy to fix issues were suddenly unsolvable puzzles and the tasks started to stack up.

    As I previously stated, I'm very passionate. My vocation always was related to what i'm doing now, so I really enjoy my work. It's relatively easy to me to "correct" an arising bad habit (or just an inconvenient one) and to focus on something.

    I finished all my tasks on time, I almost didn't sleep, and almost reaching an illness state, I finished, and started my recovery (I'm near my 80% again :P).

    While taking some rest, and meditating about all of this, I came up with a simple, trivial but very important idea, which gives the title to this post:

    Try to focus on what matters.

    Diapers are amazing. I already said that, there is nothing else to say. But diapers are not your life. Even you are IC, AB/DL, or a mix of everything, your life is what you do with it. Every step you make has a consequence, a next step to be thought and to be taken later. Try to stick to what you like to do, to what sustain your life: Your job, your wife/husband, children, parents, siblings, hobbies, whatever it is; your life won't change. Diapers are just a feature. A really nice one, but only a feature.

    If you want to, to put in a simpler way: Think in balance terms. Your life is made up of tons of things, and some things are more relevant that other, and that's the way it should be. Suddenly, it may turn out that you need an escapism. A distraction, a brand new hobbie that is so, so awesome that it consumes you. Then, the balance is broken. That relevant aspect of your life is not any more relevant; and it may be what you want, but it also may be what you don't need.

    Try to think clearly, step aside a bit, try organize, give yourself some time, and enjoy in a healthy way your new toy.

    There is always time to take a break and play like the good ol' times.



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    I highly approve of this post. (not my own but the op)

    Balance is key to every system known to earth or beyond. Even in the realm of perspective.

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    I completely and utterly agree with you. I have to say, I am immensely... well proud I guess - in a non-condescending way, that a member of this community has worked out such a monumental maxim during their first adult ABDL experience!

    Everything in moderation. Life in balance. ABDL is a part of who I am, but does not define who I am. These ideas can be applied across the board to so many different topics. Also, it's an especially important realisation to make when you're discovering a new part of yourself. As a teenager, with intense hormones and vitality coursing through my young body, it took me many years to learn this lesson - and it is such a valid one.

    It's interesting as well. From what I've seen over the years, younger generations of ABDLs who have grown up knowing there are others like them and with easy access to online support generally make this connection quite early on. However, I've seen that this tends to be less likely the older the ABDL. Perhaps it's a lack of social support or maybe kinky desires increase with intensity as one gets older (I'm yet to experience this).

    In fact, if I could impart anything as a basic tenet of being an ABDL, it is to keep all of this in perspective. A fetish is defined as an obsession, but obsessions taken too far can so often have negative repercussions on the rest of your life. We aren't just adults masquerading as babies. We're adults with fully fledged lives, careers, families and interests - who just happen to like acting like kids on occasion :3.

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