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Thread: OK where do i start with this one!

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    Default OK where do i start with this one!

    so shore i would love to find a mummy or a daddy or play mate but just how would one even go about finding one like do i go out running around my town shouting out i want mummy or tho that would be kind of cute! and some what funny but i don't think it would work. see some people just find it some have to work on it.i had a mummy for a short time then she moved away to make a better life for her self and im happy for her but at the same time very sad but that's life and have to move on. just though i would post it as a lot of people may have the same thoughts. big! hug's. little leo

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    You should probably go on an ABDL dating site, or any dating site to request a mommy. I don't have any real experience but a Google search should find you a good dating site

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    If you want a play mate then you need to meet up with people.

    This either means making friends and chatting to people online, or going to some of the meets or the ABC.

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    ABC ? what's that ?

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    spikerfan. hmm good thinking my friend may just do that i wand to be adopted

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    Joining an ABDL dating site is a good idea. Since you're interested in finding either a daddy or a mommy, you might consider checking out both the mixed-gender, primarily-heterosexual sites and the sites that are primarily for men seeking male partners.

    It's also worth finding out if there's a littles' munch in your area. Munches are low-pressure social gatherings for meeting other people in the local ABDL community and making friends with other people who share your interests. They're often held at casual restaurants for a late lunch. The munches I've been to (in two different cities) had a wide range of ages and a fairly even gender balance.

    You don't have to limit your dating pool to other ABDLs. There are kinky people out there who aren't ABDL themselves but are open to an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" arrangement. That is, they might be willing to help you satisfy your kink if you can help them satisfy theirs. There are also "vanilla" people out there who are open-minded and willing to experiment for the sake of someone they're attracted to and care about. So, as Dan Savage would say, date and disclose, date and disclose...

    A couple pieces of advice (pardon me if these are things you already know...not every one does):

    Wherever you decide to try meeting people, it's a good idea not to be too forward. Talking too soon and too frankly about diapers can turn people off. Though you should talk about your diaper interests on your profile (if it's an ABDL or kinky dating site), also talk about some of your non-ABDL, non-sexual interests and hobbies. When you meet someone, online or in real life, ask about their non-kinky interests.

    Likewise, it's a good idea not to be too demanding. "Mommy" and "daddy" are demanding roles, and you're unlikely to find strangers willing to volunteer before they've gotten to know you and can see what you have to offer. Try to write your profile and your messages to people in a way that shows that you're open to different possibilities, including finding a playmate and making friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleleo View Post
    ABC ? what's that ?
    The ABC is the Adult Baby Club in London... Google it or search this forum.

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