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Thread: Most diapers you've worn at once?

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    Default Most diapers you've worn at once?

    The title says it all. Completely out of curiosity what is the most diapers you've worn at once? Currently I'm wearing 15 depends adjustable underware and it's awesome! I have to waddle and I can't close my legs how about all of you?

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    6 Depend Max. Actually was challenging to wet them all. (Held about as much as a premium diaper at that point...hehe)

    Tripled Abena *4s before though. All day affair.

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    One... Is sufficient. I don't quite understand more than that. Isn't it a waste? If you leak it runs down the leg. The one over the other diaper is just more loose?

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    Hmm diapers, probably 4. But pullups I put on an entire pack of sleep pants ones wich I think is 16 or 12, been to long to remember.
    But I just toddled around a little bit then took all but one off, no way could I waist that many.

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    Ive done 2 dry 24/7s, and an abri let stuffer.

    Fun waddling time.

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    Umm... two.
    But once only.
    Because Im boring :p

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