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Thread: What kind of activities do you like to do with your Mommy?

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    Red face What kind of activities do you like to do with your Mommy?

    Hi! I'm a brand new Mommy in my AB relationship. My husband and I have been trying to figure out activities (non-sexual) to do together with his Little One. I would say his little girl is about 4-6 years old and very independent. What do you like to do with your Mommy?

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    While I don't have a mummy or daddy to play with me, I know there's a couple of things I'd really love to do with them;

    If you can dedicate a day to it, exploring a nice area of countryside is always fun, especially if you can find a forest, they are fascinating places, lots of different plants and animals to find and if she's feeling brave, see if you can get her to climb a tree.

    Baking sweet treats is also something every little kid enjoys, as long as there's lots of decorating to be done and arguments over who gets to lick the bowl clean!

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    i don't have a mummy i did have one but she moved any one want to adopt me

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    It's great to see another mommy out here. Whenever I had sissy babies, I used to give her a nice bubble bath with lots of pink bath related items. Also, I enjoyed painting their finger/toenails a real pretty pink.

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    Well dress up is fun and coloring books dolls teaparty too baking cookies can be lots of fun making shapes .:-)

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    Thank you all for the fantastic ideas! We used several of them :-)Tonight we had our first real little girl play time. Olivia dressed up in her red hello kitty outfit and watched Alice in Wonderland while she made beaded necklaces and colored in her hello kitty coloring book. (She really likes hello kitty) I made chex muddy buddies and we had those with milk for our snack. We had a great time!

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    Glad to hear it went well, hope the next play time you get is even more fun!

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    I don't have one either, but if I did, here's what I'd love to do:

    Play dressup *what little girl doesn't like that?*
    Have a picnic
    Play Twister
    Play board games
    Card games
    draw together

    And there are some more public things I'd like to do like:

    Go to an amusement park
    Go see a Disney movie
    Ice Skate

    :P I am a pretty active little girl though. I think even camping would be a blast. Swimming and all that. Hope that helped somewhat. ^^

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    a little girl might get something more from a garden tour, but a zoo is always something to consider. I have taken my little guy to many places, the zoo topped it off well. We also enjoyed just walking about the mall and going to the candy store. Its the little things that will be best.

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    I've never done anything as an AB, but if i were to have found a mommy, i'd be happy with just some cuddling, i'm easy to please i guess lol
    Same thing if i were to play as daddy or big bro or something, but thats offtopic, so i won't go on with that.

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