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Thread: What are some of your ABDL fantasies

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    Default What are some of your ABDL fantasies

    I know there have been threads like this in the past, but most of them seem to be closed.

    So tell us

    Who would your ideal mate/mates be and what would they be like.

    What would you be like. (Age, clothes, mood, what ever is needed to explain the senerio.)

    What senerio's would you be in.

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    OK my main fantasy would be with a boyfriend/husband, he diapers me and gives me my paci. Then I start cuddling a plushie and he thinks I'm just the cutest thing ever and starts snuggling with me.

    Though I'd also like to play out a potty training fantasy; I'd be in training pants and have plenty of ''accidents''!

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    I would be a little kid, male, very cute, wearing yellow fee-tie pajamas. and I would spend a whole day playing with an other little boy.

    The best parts would be the more relaxing ones, sitting in his lap with a stuffed animals as he would hug me right before cuddling up to each other in bed. I would also love to get hurt play fighting and then have him baby talk me, put on a band-aid, comfort me, and then hug him. I wouldn't mind if he wanted me to do this type of stuff to him, I would much enjoy it really.

    of course there is the less babyish side of just spending a day with someone your close to and exploring new cute ways to play with kids toys.

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    mine would be out on the beach with a play mate and a mummy and play on the beach all day running around in just are nappies making sandcastles and running away from the sea and eating ice cream that would be so much fun .little leo

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    That would be great.

    I know a day at the beach quiz that basically takes you through a beach fantasy, It's not real life but I found it fun.
    ABDL Pixel - A day at the beach

    You need an account to do it and the website is only good if you like crotch shots, ugly people in diapers, /d/ tier diaper girls. and quizzes.

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    I'd say mine would involve a guy and a girl, at two separate events, where we diaper each other, put each other in really cozy footed pj's, cuddle with each other and a plushy, drink coffee, and watch one of the old Disney movies. Then afterwards we'd change each other and play; play being pretty much everything from "G" to "X".

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    I have several AB daydreams that I flit through while bored and hoping no-ones watching me drift away with the fairies.

    The main one is where my imaginary boyfriend/daddy comes to wake me up in the morning, seeing me curled up facing away from him, dummy tightly held in my lips, arms clutching my teddy bear, with my pajama top riding up just enough to reveal my thoroughly wet nappy. He gently rubs my cheek before kissing it, then plucks my dummy from my mouth whispering "Wake up, princess.", and promptly I do, cutting the scene short.

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    might be kind of weird but I am going to pretend like the doors are closed and explain:

    I would be dressed like a little girl( you know wearing pink bra and extra large diaper that are obviously too big for my size covered in pink ruffle panty cover. Tied in bows on my long hair.) and also be and in a huge crib and be locked in there unless I get permission to get out for my mommy and be taken care of. I would follow mommy and she'd play with me block, and a bunch of toys. And I would have other babies to play with ( well adult babies or anything of relating). We'd play games, color and watch baby cartoons. If I act out character and/or do something inappropriate then I would get spanked and yelled at. But then at the end of the day I would get changed into a clean diaper and be put into my crib and sleeping like the baby next to a bunch of dolls and plushies. Maybe kind of weird but my kind doll is actually a sonic doll because I had it since I was little. I wish to be believed to be what I set my heart to be.

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    It may sound odd but for me there is something about the way a classic Japanese mother figure sounds that is incredibly appealing to me. If you've seen Mononoke Hime and remember what Moro sounds like, or the mother mammoth from Janguru Taitei, then you know what kind of voice I mean. My fantasy is just to be in the care of someone with a calming voice like that, and personality to match.

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    Honestly, at this point, all my fantasies are caregiving ones. I want to dress a little one in his or her diapers (if they like diapers) and favorite clothes of their choice. I want to snuggle them if they want to be snuggled, or let them play if they want to go and play. I want to give them a bottle if they like, or a sippy cup if that's what they prefer.

    All I want to do lately is to make a little one feel happy and safe. I want to see a little one smile and know that I helped him/her get that smile.

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