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Thread: Regular food or baby food?

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    Default Regular food or baby food?

    Have not really seen this mentioned but what do you prefer to eat when in your happy headspace? For me it would probably throw out a huge red flag if I started stocking up on jars of Gerber, yet I feel somewhat naughty when I go out and order a Whopper or Famous Star combo. I do regularly keep snacky stuff around that I consider my go-to Little food. Que digan ustedes?

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    I would eat regular, my abdl persona is at an older age. when I'm happy i eat regular.

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    You can always pour a bowl of cereal with marshmellows, and only eat the marshmellows leaving the cereal pieces. I did that all the time as a kid.

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    If I were in my Happy Headspace for a while it would be baby food. Washed down with a warm bottle.

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    Hello, I love the newer packaging of baby foods. They're not as heavy, breakable and is bulkiest that used to be.

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    I do get regular food. I also eat baby food Gerber Graduates. I like the apples and cinnamon. Another one is the strawberries and bananas. As for the milk formula. I get the toddler stage it taste the best.

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    Baby food is seriously gross! I just eat whatever I'd normally eat when I'm in "little" mode. I used to have a great set of Mickey Mouse cutlery, which would make me feel little when eating, but I lost them in a move a while back, so I just have plain adult cutlery now... :-/

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    Regressed or not I still have adult taste buds so it's adult food or bust. Can't stand the smell of baby food let alone the taste.

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    Never really tried baby food - not consciously anyway. And I don't plan on trying it either. It doesn't seem particularly tasty or something, and wouldn't really add all that much regression-wise for me.

    I'm somewhat interested in breast milk, though. I guess I would like to try that one day.

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