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Thread: Wow i did it and it went well!

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    Default Wow i did it and it went well!

    have one best friend i have known sins i was 4 years old and i told him about my AB/DL i just come out with it i just said it to him just like (david im a abdl) just like that, his reply was what the #### is that. so i told him i found it comforting to wear nappies and have comfort blanket and onesie and stuff. i said to him it has been apart of my life for years. he did not believe me at all so i showed him all must stuff his reaction was (ha ha wow whatever float's your boat). i said to him i know its a lot to take in he just look't at me and said. it is yes but your my best friend all ways have been and all ways will be. and that was it no more was said we just went on playing GTA. im still not shore if i did the right thing or not i trust him with my life but just hope i have not made him feel uncomfortable in any way little leo

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    It sounds like he wasn't bothered by it. Most times close friends are not bothered by some things. He sounlds like one of those. Some times sharing with others is a hard part for us.

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    i really don't think he was bothered by it at all he's like that with any think nothing can fazes him dude

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    Did you have a hard time coming out about it, My friends are very accepting and I KNOW they would be okay with it though I would be to scared to say anything and don't really need to. And what do you hope will happen now that he knows.

    also out of curiosity where is your avatar from.

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    hey SicartheaSpikefan no i just said it with out thinking i just felt it was the right time. not shore what will happen now i can just be my self around him and if the weight of it all gets to me i now know i can speak to him about it. ho yes it's one of the best cartoons pocoyo put it in google very cool i love it your friend little leo

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    thanks shybuizel it was much easier then i though it would be but he really is a great friend .little leo

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