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Thread: DO you have them days when you ???

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    Default DO you have them days when you ???

    hey every one do have them days when you just want to cry for no reason and have a feeling of rejection from the world i dont want to sound glum but to day i have had a overwhelming feeling of sadness i just don't know why think i need a hug. sorry it a bit of a downer post but have no one to talk to. little leo

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    I'm a fairly happy person so I am almost never sad and I never feel rejected so I don't necessarily know where your coming from.

    Still me and my friends are used to talking to each other about our problems and we always help each other out. If you need someone to talk to then I will be here. Unfortunately I cant talk tomorrow or Friday before nightfall. Saturday morning and afternoon i'll be in the theater but there is always tonight. Just send the word if you need me

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    Yep have had a few of those myself. Sounds like you're having an Emotional overload. from your post earlier you might be thinking about what your friend really thinks about you now. I think you are dealing with some other problems you haven't said anything about. Here to help if I can. baby Bear sends you a hug.

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    arr thanks thats very kind of you it's wired i dont get like that at all its just yesterday was a wired but lonely day i think im just at that part of my life where i just don't know what i want from it. it will all work out thanks again my friend would love to speak soon your friend.little leo

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    i think your right was thinking about the fact i told my best friend about AB/DL hard thing to do. just apart of me feels like the world is turning with out me. thanks my friend.little leo

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    hey buddy hope you are well i cant pm yes as im still new ish i think they said about a week or so ad you have to make 20 post or more be 4 you can pm people i 3 pm's and i can get back to any of them feel like im being rude but there is not much i can do about it till i be come a ec or some think. your friend little leo

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    I think everyone feels sad and disconnected from stuff around them, at one time or another.

    I tend to feel it more at night when I start getting tired. Start feeling what's the point to life and such, and just start feeling depressed and crying. Normally feel better by the next morning and then just carry on with life.

    I have had sad days and been depressed for a day or two but generally there is always something that comes around and makes things better.

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    hey my friend yes it was one of those days the world was tuning with out me. but as you can see some very good people here to pic you up when you are down. .little leo

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    I feel like that sometimes. My child-side would just want to curl up and be cuddled till I felt better... But my adult-side would think, "Don't be silly! You don't need to feel all these extreme emotions like an over-tired child! Fight the depression! Stay in control!"... But actually... that leads to a bit of a separation between the "adult me" and the "child me", which feels distressing. I find it better if my adult-side recognises and accepts the way my "inner child" is feeling.

    When the adult-me can allow the child-me to express himself without inhibition... it's like... I can process the childish emotions and get them out of my system, rather than trying to suppress them and inducing a battle between the child & adult sides of me... I think the adult-me used to be quite a control freak, and impatient with the apparent lack of logic in childish emotions. But it's better if my adult-side can be more patient and just accept and love the child-side for what it is. After all, the child-me is just so damned cute and adorable!

    That was a bit rambling... I'm not sure if it makes any sense to anyone else!

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    very well said tiny i get what you are say. i love my little leo and my adult side big leo try's to take care of little leo the best he can im very protective over little leo. if a norm try,d to read this they just would not understand what im saying. big hugs little leo

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