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Thread: Good Babyfur art

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    Default Good Babyfur art

    While I don't consider myself a furry I LOVE Tavi-Munks artwork, its some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen.

    So I was wondering if there are any other good babyfur artists or furry artists out there (I tend to like cute Pudgy bodies and themes of friendship, romance, fantasy, and childlike playfulness, basically what Tavi-Munk does.)

    Also general art thread

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    Kalida (also known as "Gollypop")
    Kurowolfboy does babyfur art every now and then, but isn't a babyfur

    All of these can be found on FA.

    NOTE: some of those artists do NSFW material. Gollypop, Lizab and operationfluff are known to do it the most in that list.
    By NSFW material, I mean genitalia, breasts, and drawings of messy diapers. Lizab is the biggest contributor of genitals and breasts in that list, and operationfluff does the most messy material. Gollypop sometimes shows bare breasts, because a lot of the work she does is adult characters in diapers, but you will NOT run into that often.

    The only ones you need to watch are: operationfluff and Lizab. Lizab's stuff is full of it. operationfluff simply has some messy material in there, but it's also not that often.

    The rest, however, are babyfur and you shouldn't run into any NSFW stuff at all.

    This does not stop the artists from being amazing at what they do, it's simply just a warning in case someone doesn't want to run into that stuff while browsing for the innocent babyfur art!

    Oops, forgot. Tailbiter also does a lot of adult material!
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    I'm a cub artist but I'm not near as good as TaviMunk. I know a couple cub artists but I can't think of their usernames at the moment. So helpful aren't I? *not* xD I'll just keep practicing my art and one day I'll be good too. <3

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    Well I draw cute stuff only. You can go here if your interested. Userpage of kratox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Although I am not that good, I am better with gfxs like you tube channels and stuff.

    Oh yea I just remembered. This person makes extremely cute art imo. Userpage of marinaneira -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    Oh come on one has told about toddlergirl onF A she is very nice you will love her page her comic is found.:-)

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    Indeed. Toddlergirl is super nice. I commissioned her in February or so.

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    Userpage of sierrafox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    she's not a babyfur but does adorable art!!! she's very babyfur friendly!! and her art is SUPER cheap!!! be sure to check her out

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