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Thread: Diaper Aisle During Purge

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    Well, I was having purge issues, and the wife and I went to the store. I could barely go down The Aisle with her to get the charcoal. It was disgusting and disturbing and made me very guilty at the time. I'm better now, but are there similar instances of aversion during bad times or a purge? It was very troubling, and I'm still a tad upset. Thanks!

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    It would be more along the lines of avoiding that aisle to prevent temptation or stimulation (as if I could stop thinking about something by having it very present in my mind for avoidance). In general, my guilt was strongly with me even when I was willing. I'd buy things as I felt awful about it. I only ever literally purged a few times but the desire to do so was strong most of the time. My inner Francis needed some seriously lightening up.

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    The solution is to stop purging and embrace this side of you. Once your perception changes so that it's a "feature" of yourself instead of a flaw, you'll be a much happier person.

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    Thanks, folks! Actually, the purgeish feelings came from my wife's fertility issues, and went from there. I sure hope I can get beyond those feelings one day.

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    I now only binge. I have had very good discipline during potential purges. I realize that it is a temporary feeling and I always felt stupid for having to re-purchase things I threw away. My feelings of guilt and regret have diminished to almost zero as I get older and more accepting of myself.

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    I never purged, not conventionally anyways. I threw away all of my stuff out of fear of being caught and feel really awkward walking past the diaper isle.

    Glad to know your over it though

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