So, I'm considering allowing donations via BitCoin.

There's really no pressing need for this, but some people were talking about it and I figured it might be kinda cool to test it. Y'know, for science.

Two things need testing:

(1) Whether accepting BC-based donations actually works at all
To test this, I'm looking for a few (1-3) people with BitCoins to test it with me.
Ideally, these testers would be ECs or higher with extensive experience using BitCoins.
Although there may be some loss via transaction fees (pennies, I'm guessing) testers should get their BCs back.

(2) Whether people would actually make real donations via BitCoin
The only way to test this is to ask. So, I'm asking.
If you'd be interested in donating via BitCoin, please drop me a PM.
Depending on how this experiment goes, this may be your only chance to do so.

If either of the above kinds of testing sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, please drop me a line.