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Thread: Diaper Fit Preferance

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    Default Diaper Fit Preferance

    So, I was ya'll like to have a fresh diaper on being snug and kind if tight, or more loose fitting? In my personal experience, I've decided I like a fresh one to be nice n' snug. This is considering that in my adult diaper wearing days, and teen years as a bedwetter, I've only ever.. used the Depend Maximums...I'll be experiencing some higher quality ones soon. But having a snug fitting diaper brings back memories of early childhood when I remember how they used to be taped on, and how nice it felt. So I was wondering what sort of opinions you guys have...snug or loose?

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    I prefer a very tight fit. Loose just doesn't feel comfortable to me for whatever reason.

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    I like a tight fit also, I like it to support my "babies" lol.

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    hey well i like them nice and snug im some what have a small body eg like im not a arnold schwarzenegger look alike lol but the bigger the nappy the smaller i feel and the safer i feel little leo

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    As long as it's snug, able to endure any kind of vigorous activity and able to fit good around my waist, it's a good fit.

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    I want mine snug. The better chance of staying up the wetter it gets.

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    The diaper has to be snug. Snug diapers have to be plastic-backed, as the cloth-like stretch over time. A onesie is a solution, but I'd prefer a snug plastic-backed disposable.
    When I wore cloth, those diapers had to be pinned on very snug, too. Snug is best.

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