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Thread: the 1st time buying huggies drynights 8-15 embarrassing

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    Default the 1st time buying huggies drynights 8-15 embarrassing

    well i will start by saying that this will be not so well typed and the spelling may not be so good as im very dyslexia one of my last post i feel,t a little sad by some peoples comments BUT its ok i will tell you a the story any way of the first time i got some drynights or if you are in the USA goodnights 8-15 years. i was 15 just about to turn 16 years old and had the pampers and huggies be for they fit me well but one night i was at my best friends home and his little nephew was there for a sleep over well i saw in his little back pack he had what look like a pack off nappies it was a orang pack of drynights age 4-7 years this was the first time i had seen them so i took one i did feel some what bad about it, but i just wanted one so bad any way when i got home i put the all white pull up on and it fit me very well i wanted more! so i went to the supermarket and went to where the nappies in the baby part was i was sweeting and had the shakes my hart was going like a freight train then i saw the orang packet and a green packet this said 8-10 yeas on it then a blue packet this had 10-15 yeas on it wow they do nappies that big i thought so i got the 10-15 and made my way to pay still sweeting i put them on the counter and the woman that was working there had a good long!!! look at them and said to me do you have the right size darling i did not say any think i just nodded i wanted to cry so bad and i knew she was thinking there for me as i was in my school uniform i just wanted to get the hell out of there but it feel't like i was there for ages and she was being slow on purpose she was enjoying it i was shore of it, and a old guy behind me was looking at me in a funny way i put them in a bag and me and my teary eyes ran out of the supermarket. but i did it i got my drynights i was a happy boy till i ran out. sorry it was along one.little leo

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    The first time buying is always the hardest. Most people do not understand that there are some young people who need to wear. I hated those strange looks some people give you. No matter if you wear for pleasure , need or security. There is no shame in wearing diapers for any reason.

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    I got a strange look the first time I bought, but I haven't had any second glances since. Just don't draw attention to yourself and it won't be a big deal.

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    Congratulations on making the purchase! The first time I bought diapers, I was incredibly anxious. I spent about twenty minutes standing in the incontinence aisle, just staring at the Depends. Eventually an employee can't over to watch me - must have thought I was going to shoplift! After a while, though, you realize that clerks really don't care. The first time is always the hardest, though. Great job!

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    Yes, congrats on that first purchase! I can well remember when my urge to buy diapers finally crossed the "just do it!" threshold. It was wonderful and terrifying at the same time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post
    Eventually an employee can't over to watch me - must have thought I was going to shoplift!
    Yeah, I'm sure I ended up drawing the attention of the store employees the first few times I bought diapers -- not because I was looking a diapers, of course, but because I was pacing the isles and appearing (I'm sure) to be seriously conflicted.

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    I have a pretty good 'don't f with me' that has always done the job of shutting down a convo in the making. I hate it but dang it's come in handy.

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