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Thread: Organ donation

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    Default Organ donation

    Hello there, everyone.

    Well, today I received a letter.
    A letter from my insurance, politely asking me to... finally drop dead and hand over my organs.
    ... Okay, that might not be exactly what it says, but itīs the message that counts, right?

    Now, Iīve always been a friend of organ donation, and I canīt think of a much better way to help other people, even after death.
    The only thing Iīm a little worried about is the possibility of one of my organs being transplanted into a person that, in my opinion, doesnīt really deserve it. (For example, Iīm not sure if Iīd want my lungs to be transplanted into a smokerīs body, and so on)
    I know there are quite strict rules for transplantation candidates, and I guess I could simply add a few lines to my will, more precisely defining my willingness to donate organs, but still, itīs a thought I canīt seem to get out of my head.

    Well, I think in the end, Iīll just sign the donor card anyway ^^

    But what about you people? Are you organ donors?
    If yes, why?
    If no, why?
    Is there something that heavily influenced your decision?
    A certain experience perhaps?

    Looking forward to your replies.

    PS: Donīt you dare post that Monty Python organ donation sketch.

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    I'm an organ donator, I also donate blood (which you do for free in the UK), and am on the marrow donor list. I do it because I like to know that something I'm not going to miss can help someone live. So many people around me have died, and that might not have happened if more people are willing to do things like that. I can hardly complain if I'm not on the lists myself, could I?

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    There is really no reason to not be an organ donor, in my opinion. Once I'm dead I won't have any use for my organs anyway, might as well do something useful with them if at all possible.

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    How to determine who lives and dies through distribution of donated organs is something I've not really thought about. That said, the system has likely put a great deal of time and energy into that and cynical as I am, I'll assume the system (as most large systems do) generally works save for a few exception cases.

    I hope the system gives them to some young kid that works hard in school and says please and thank you and has a golden retriever and all that other cliche stuff.. but if they give my lungs to a chain smoker.. what the heck do I care.. I'm dead!

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    Just because someone is a smoker doesn't mean they're a bad person, that person could be a single father who has worked tirelessly to put food on the table for his kids and just happened to have a bad habit at the same time. If that person has passed the set conditions required by the hospital to be eligible for a transfer then I see no reason why they don't deserve them because I'm not using them anymore am I? It's better they go and help someone rather than just rot away in the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowHare View Post

    PS: Donīt you dare post that Monty Python organ donation sketch.
    Oh go on then - you've talked me into it...

    I'm registered with the NHS organ donation that they can have anything of mine that's going when I die. Since I don't drink and I don't smoke and I've got O+ blood I think there's probably some prime offal waiting for someone, the only problem is I'm not likely to die any time soon...
    I was also a blood donor till I did one of the things that you're not allowed to give blood any more after doing.

    I don't have any reason for not doing it, but if anything has influenced me it's the fact that my extended family has a number of nurses and medical scientists in it, so that sort of thing has always been talked about pretty openly - for instance: my Granny has Parkinson's, and is quite casual about mentioning she wants to donate her brain for research after she is dead.

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    I'm an organ donor. It has absolutely no tradeoff for me and is pure upside for the world.

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    I am an organ donor too. If they can use something of mine when I gone to help some one that is cool with me.

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    Nope, no organ donation or reception for me. Too many ethical concerns about the whole process. Not that I care what happens to the body when I'm done with it, but I won't sign off on something that cooperates, aids, and abets the medical and insurance industries.

    Used to donate blood until they started refusing me because my resting heart rate is too low (high 30's, low 40's - one of the side effects of endurance training).

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    I am not a organ donor simply for the fact I'm not comfortable with my organs in another person long after I'm rotting in the ground. I was born with these organs, I'll die with these organs. My mom has had dead peoples bones put into her for her neck and legs, but I guess thats a completely different matter in itself.

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