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    Lately Iv'e given it a lot of thought and Iv'e decided to stop wearing diapers . Recently I learned that I have, what you call "an additive personality ". It makes it hard for things like this to continue on a moderate level . So Iv'e decided to stop , and have been diaper free for 10 days! Whoever I am not stopping all levels of regression, I still have my paci's and plushies .

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    arr good for you if you feel that is the way to go and you want to be free of nappies then go for it . i need my nappies more so at night as i cant get to sleep with out them kind of make me feel safe, any way good luck with your potty training big hugs. little leo

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    Be careful, you don't want to fall into the binge and purge cycle (wearing and indulging yourself, then getting rid of all of them and swearing you're done with them to fall back into indulging all the time). I don't know how likely it is you'll do that if you're not purging entirely, but still, don't be surprised if the urges come back with a vengeance.

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    so true Rigby !All my life[13ish to 55] i have stocked up and used nappies and plastic pants followed by getting rid of every thing. then i found nanny maxine. so visits great. now she has moved,so i have just bought new nappy and pants!!! ups and downs.

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    Good luck with that. I wouldn't go ahead and throw them away. Although you can go sometime without them, the desire usually creeps back, sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks.

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    but there is all ways a up at the end of every a down

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    Well I went ahead and wore one today anyway , so not really stopping. ( Going to see a therapist) I am on my way to ShopKo in the next town over to browse the isle , if I can work up the courage . Most of my stuff has been thrown away, but not by me, by my dad. Not going to buy anymore after spending well over fourhundred dollars in the past 4 months.

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