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    Do you feel tempted (compelled) to get even more out of a diaper that's good in its own right? I've made the leap to Abena M4s which I've found to be more than suitable as a standalone, yet I couldn't resist seeing what would happen if I ran a generic store Goodnite in addition to an already excellent diaper (compared to random unearthed plastic institutional diapers I find) . I've found that wearing the Nite Pants helps keep me in that mindscape of not rapidly flooding and as a result I'm noticing I can wear extendedly to the point of the tapes starting to dig into my skin, which is when I'll really be wanting out of the diaper

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    I haven't been tempted yet to that. When mine start to get full and want to start sagging and slide down my belly it's time for change. I'm talking about my Dry24/7's or Tena Slip Maxi's.

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    Most of the times I wear my M4s I add an AbriLet booster in them, which makes them thirstier, thicker, helps making better use of the padding by spreading the wetness more evenly, and makes them last longer ^^ I might also say that I normally use plastic pants over that combo, so that I don't have to worry about leaks for averagely a good 12+ hours!

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    I sometimes use a MoliForm Premium as a stuffer (after slitting the backing) if I'm going out for a drink or somewhere where it might be difficult to change. I like the bulky feeling, especially when it gets wet but the extra bulk tends to chaff my inner thighs so I only do it when necessary. I agree with quattrus, the stuffer helps the Tena absorb more evenly which adds to it's holding capacity.

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