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Thread: feeling jealous over a nappy/diaper ?

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    Default feeling jealous over a nappy/diaper ?

    looking back now i find it to be very funny but when i was a kid back in the 90,s i spent a lot of time down the beach with my dad and a woman that was a friend of my dads would come down to. and chat to my dad she had a sun that was about 2 or so and he would run around in just his nappy as a 2 year old would as i did when i was 2 but i would all ways get this feeling of being really jealous over it and found my self getting really upset sound kind of funny but its true i did not feel in any way resentful towards to him it was just i wanted to run around on the beach in a nappy. i think thats what made my mind up i wanted nappies age 10 i got some think it was pampers size 5 they fit me like a dream as i was a small boy for my age. ps i just wanted to say that im sorry if my posts are hard to read its just im dyslexic and find it really hard to right takes me a long time just to do one post.thanks for taking the time big hug,s. little leo

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    nice story man =) I'm dyslexic too don't be sorry that others cant understand how we write IMO people that are dyslexic are awesome because they understand that life ant easy and if you want something you have to work hard and in are case harder for it, its a gift my friend, took me some time to understand that, but would you be who you are today if you didn't struggle, if you got everything easy what do you learn form that.

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    well said its true im great at all kind of stuff just not reading and righting tho but dus not slow me down and im learning things every day and having fun hope ll is well my friend.little leo

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    Yep, if I see a little kid in diapers/training pants I may feel a twinge of jealousy

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    if i see a kid in a nappy now i just smile and think i know how that feels . they dont know how lucky they are

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