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Thread: Should I buy them?

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    Default Should I buy them?

    Ok I am arguing with myself whether or not to buy 3 cases of cushies. I just don't know where I'm gonna stash them lol.
    Do you think I should buy them?

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    ☺ Good morning, you can never have too many diapers around to wear. You have a mommy to change a diaper and keep you nice clean and happy? I love being a mommy and if I had an opportunity to buy cases of diapers, I would definitely jump at the opportunity to do so. Take care

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    GO FOR IT. thanks you reminded me im running out me go shopping me thinks

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    You're welcome little one. Let me know how they turn out love mommy

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    Go for it but maybe just one case. If you have to hide them just get one case. It makes it easier to hide them. When I was living with roommates I lock them up in a file cabinet just to be sure.

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    If you have a good hiding place in mind why not? whats money if you don't spend it on what makes you happy, I would but only 1 case, because you many not like them.

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    If you have the money I would. They are great. That's about all I wear these days. Love the one tape design.

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    Indianamommy, no I don't have a mommy. And I did order them along with 2 cases if bambino quadro boosters. They will arrive on Tuesday. I can't wait.

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    You might wish you had a bit of a variety. I've gotten used to having a choice of diapers around. Sometimes thicker is better, sometimes not.

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