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Thread: Sani Sensitive Diapers?

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    Exclamation Sani Sensitive Diapers?

    Hi all!! i have family in Greece and I am on holiday to visit them, i found this diaper in the supermarkets, so thought i would share it as I didn't find any thread on Adisc about them, so thought i would ask if anyone has tried them or heard about them, I think they are Greek diapers so probably not that good compered to Tena, but thought i might give them a try =).

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    I found the site here Mega Disposables S.A. |

    I wonder if they are thicker than Tena Slip Maxi?

    I looks like it has Aloe and Vitamin E in the diaper. That would be my first time to see diaper have that in it.


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    Those look really neat! I tend to have sensitive skin so these would be fantastic to try out.

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    Nice find on the website yeah they do sound nice, I think I will pick up a packet this Friday, i will look at the price difference to Tena seeing you get 24 in a pack of Tena slip super for 15 euros, don't know how many you get in these 15 i think for medium, but have you noticed on the website that the larger you go in size the more absorbance, even though the droplets are the same lol?

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