I know that this has a crossover with a recent thread - 'need or want'
We have just returned from 3 weeks holiday in France including a week with friends. My wife knows that I have a slight incontinence issue and I felt able to wear Tena pull ups but not to wet them for the three weeks. I am sure they were discreet enough for no one to know. However I did not feel able to diaper up and I thought of the warm, damp crinkly feeling of security, with increasing need, day by day till our return.
In front of the computer now at home and alone in my Tena Slip Maxi having just felt that first warm and semi conscious flood. I have a feeling of almost yoga like relaxation.
ADISC introduced me to this community a few months ago via an Incontinence search when I was in a very stressed state on a complex project with a difficult client and with accompanying minor incontinence. I graduated from pull ups to diapers when getting home from the office and I do attribute my current wants (needs) to an established connection between the relaxed zone which enveloped me when I diapered up during this period.

I feel that the increasing' need' that I felt during the three weeks break and my current relaxed satifaction tells me that diapers have now been hard wired into my mind as a 'need' even though the period of stress has passed. I feel no need for 're-wiring' - the sensation brings more, but impossible to describe, satisfaction than any other 'relaxer', chemical or otherwise.

If this is addiction I am loving it, despite a lurking question of why (and even more - why am communicating my need to others?)

As an aside - I did casually scan the adult diaper areas of the French supermarkets and found a much greater variety of slip diaper over there, than is available in the UK retail stores. With the sister French community, ABKingdom, I wonder if there is a higher number of diaper lovers over there. Is there any poll of the distribution of the ADISC community, country by country?