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    I'm kind of confused about applying desitin. When I have been doing it, I literally spread it ALL OVER my diaper area. Enough to make the whole area white. Is this correct or should I be applying less?

    It has been making my bedtime routine a lot longer as it sometimes takes 10 min. to fully spread it out.

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    You should really only put it on the affected area (anywhere your red or feeling sore). Spreading it ALL over seems like a waste

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    It's a barrier cream, so it need to be applied only on affected erea or where there will be pressure on a wet diaper (but cheek, leg opening...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    It's a barrier cream,
    Exactly, so you don't need to apply so much that your diaper area is white from the desitin. When I used it I applied it like a sunscreen. I used just enough and rubbed it into my skin (gently) till it was invisible (as in, my skin didn't look white). Since it is a barrier cream, it will still work when you diaper up. Think of it in terms like this, when you rub sunscreen onto your skin and you can't see it, that doesn't mean it's not there.

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    Hello, I was put the creme on my first two fingers then I would spread it all over my baby boy or baby girls bottom and a thin coat. If they had a really bad diaper rash, I would put on a little thicker layer. Hope that helps happy diapering love mommy

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