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Thread: What did you drive that you wish you still had...

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    Default What did you drive that you wish you still had...

    As there is a topic relating to what you drive, I wondered what vehicles forum members had owned that they wish still had.

    For me, it would be my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. It was the newest car that I've ever owned and was loaded with all the options available on the 2004 model year (also its introduction year). It was the car that created the whole crossover category, and it ran like a champ. Only thing I had to do was change the headlights in the entire time I owned it. Too bad I came to realize too late that I couldn't afford to pay for it when I was laid off...

    Only down side: a 23 gallon gas tank...

    How about everyone else?

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    A Datsun 280zxt 1984 with the digital dash. But my Saab 9-3 Convertible is also nice and also has more HP.

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    My first car, a 1957 Chevy Bel-air. I would have liked to have kept it long enough to fix up.

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    Mine would have been my 1953 Ford. It was two door sedan. It had a flat head V8 with std transmission. It was the last year for the flathead as well as Ford's 50th anniversery.

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    I've only owned two vehicles before, and neither of them were particularly awesome, but the second and better of the two got stolen. I had it parked outside, locked up and everything, and then I woke up to find it missing. I filed a police report and stuff, and about a week later, I got a call telling me my car was about 40 miles away, stripped down to its shell. I got nothing in return for it (bare bones insurance). It was a 1996 Oldsmobile Sierra, and it was in pretty good shape for being so old. It was still under 100,000 miles and had spent most of its life in a garage in West Virginia. It had very little rust, but it had quite a few little electrical 'quirks.' I just miss it because it was serviceable, I owned it outright, and it was taken from me.

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    my volkswagen beetle. but if I were to get another, it would be a cabriolet. I borrowed a friends new Fiat 500 recently when I was in london, and I really fell in love with that car. probably the only new car id buy, and I’m glad they are finally available here in the US.

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    my old Citroen AXGT.
    well, it's a bit of a quibble as to whether it was a GT or a Sport (rare): the shell was more that of a Sport, but the car was registered as a GT (given the state of manufacturers' and DVLA's admin, such oddities aren't unknown). mechanically, there's not much difference, except for the power output, with the Sport being more powerful. the acceleration of mine, once restored and then modded, was surprising to most and my mates liked to test their suped up cars against it. i beat all sorts of cars in it; i even beat a Subaru WRX, but that was more down to his loosing his bottle.

    anyway, it was my baby and my friend. i bought it as an insurance write-off, restored it to it's original state and then set about modifying it on the cheap: re-shaped and polished the combustion chambers, mild gas-flowed the ports (inc. manifolds), cotton air-filter, homemade exhuast, uprated braking and i also modified the carb and the distributor (to play with the vacuum advance, for to benefit what i'd already done and to prepare the way for further modification to the dizzy once i'd gotten the manufacturer's specs to enable calculation).
    the latter is partly what led to me coming online (and, no, i didn't get the specs).

    it was fire-breathing, gurgling and popping little monster and probably the fastest normally aspirated 'AXGT' on the road (even without new cams). top speed varied, depending upon what settings/mods were in use, but i wasn't mithered about that, it was the acceleration that i wanted.
    wheel-spins in third, using only the throttle (no dumping the clutch, here)

    alas, and as per usual on an island, rust was the ever present threat and it got to the point where i was thinking about laying up the car to fully strip and rebuild it, when i got tempted by a 'new' car (the Saxo). i got 50 trade-in for AX (the fecking back-box was worth that!).
    all told, and bearing mind that i stopped counting at some point, i spent around 5000 in parts alone (the labour all my own) over the course of restoring, experimenting and modifying, and maintaining for daily use - and that's doing it on the cheap!

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    Fireblade backbox on, at that point.

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    My first truck, a 1983 Dodge D250 custom 2wd. Truck would pass anything but a gas station and pull anything you put behind it. Had the 318 and 727a trans. roared down the road with dual straight pipes. Boy that thing sucked some gas, ten to twelve mpg and a 30 gallon tank. Got it from my uncle in Texas for $600 and a case of beer. Got it home, replaced the entire brake system, tuned up the motor, and new tires to replace the slicks and after that there was no stopping it. I miss that truck every day. I'm goin to build another like it as soon as i get the chance.

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    Nissan Maxima 2000.. I really loved that car!.. It was just too expensive for me

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    A few years ago I had this:

    Is Tatra 613 (serie 4) 3500 ccm V8, gasoline... Lot of cash needed to use it daily. I had a black one. Now I prefere something different (some VW transporter.)

    But what I really love to drive, it's moved by the rails: Trains.

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