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Thread: What have your non-ABDL friends thought about your diaper ineterst ?

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    Question What have your non-ABDL friends thought about your diaper ineterst ?

    If you have any friends/Family who are not an ABDL what are their thoughts about it or about you ? Do they think its weird or do they just ignore it ?

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    I told my best friend from college and he was okay with it. I had told him about being on a support site and he wanted to know which one. He does support and conflict resolution in high schools, especially concerning GLBT. We were intimate all through college, so it was natural that he would accept me. We're still close and he's coming out to visit in August. I told my wife five years ago and that worked out well. I support her with her health issues, and we are a good team, as we love one another.

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    My best friend and I have known each other since the second grade, and I've many times contemplated coming out to him about the diapers. Especially as the risk of his turning against me and blabbing about it to everybody I know is extremely remote now, I'm not quite sure what's stopped me. I expect he'd be very accepting, though. He's wrestled with matters of sexuality and is altogether quirky besides, so he might even be relieved to find out that I'm no more normal than he is.

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