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Thread: Anyone here use "fitocracy" the exersize monitoring app? (Workout help needed)

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    Default Anyone here use "fitocracy" the exersize monitoring app? (Workout help needed)

    Not been active since my account got blocked due to age opened up earlier this week.

    was wondering if there was any fitocrazy users here? that i could either follow or get some pointers on setting up a fitness regime.

    but of background on my build, im 18, 5ft 11 and weigh about 189lbs

    i want to lose allot of weight and build some muscle more of my weight is on my stomoke so i wanna remove it compleaty.

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    ok first off dont use an app, i mean you could but it will just be a lot easier without. if you need help PM me, im a personal trainer, and no i will not charge you, i love helping :3 and no this is not me trying to sell something or promote myself.
    just a tip though you cant build muscle and lose weight at the same time, and yes its incredibly depressing i had to lose all my weight (took me about 7 months) but yeah im here to help

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    Quote Originally Posted by clip12 View Post
    .... i will not charge you...... i love helping...... im here to help
    i've got a wall that needs rebuilding

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